Pay-it-Forward Friday

Place positive body image notes in jean pockets at the clothing store.

Thankful Thursday: Family Recipes

When you whip up a passed-down family recipe, the aromas and tastes conjure up happy memories with loved ones. 

Honoring and Celebrating our Imperfect Life Paths this Summer Solstice

Today is the Summer Solstice. As the longest day of the year, it is traditionally a celebration of life, light, and the beginning and completion of the cycles of life. Throughout history, people have held rituals and ceremonies to celebrate and honor the Solstice, the Sun’s life-giving force, and our connection to all living things on Earth.


In accordance with the spirit of the Solstice, I have spent much time today and leading up to it, reflecting on my life path thus far- as well as considering the direction I wish for my path to take in the future.


One of the themes I keep coming back to during this reflection is regret and growth in our imperfect human lives. I have always regretted the many reprehensible actions and misbehaviors of my past- yet I am now finally ready to forgive myself, honor my life path thus far, and move forward.

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