Shop for Peace

I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying pocket coins and stones with me everywhere I go, to help keep me mindful. I have often found myself giving them to others, needing a nudge towards inner or outer peace… or leaving them in random places to be found.

I also keep other random ‘peaceful gifts’ on hand, such as:

  • Origami cranes
  • Bubbles
  • Inspirational Books
  • Art
  • Flowers


Please be aware that none of the stores below are affiliated with The Prospect of Peace. They are simply additional resources I have come across on my journey.


Compendium Incorporated

Compendium is a Seattle-based company that creates and distributes a fresh, design-rich line of inspiring gift products.


Go to homepage

Northern Sun

Small group of individuals who work for a company that sells progressive, message-oriented t-shirts, button, stickers, etc. through a paper catalog and on a website.


Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is an exceptional source for unique handmade gifts, jewelry, home decor, art and sculpture, textiles, serveware and personal accessories representing the diverse cultures of artisans in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. One of the world’s largest fair trade organizations and a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), the company strives to improve the livelihood of tens of thousands of disadvantaged artisans in 38 countries.


Dove - Peace Inspiration Coin - Click Image to CloseGive Courage

Bulk-buy word stones, sea glass, and pocket coins.


Dharma Shop

“Our goal is to build not just a customer base, but a community online that supports the Tibetan and Nepali people. We donate a percentage of profits to Tibetan charities and in 2003 we started the school program to build schools in rural Nepal. In 2006 we joined The Tibetan Nun’s Project to support ordained women living in exile.”


Heartfulart at Etsy

“Welcome to the world of Heartful Art. I am Raphaella Vaisseau. I have been a full-time artist since 1997 when I quit my day-job and moved to Ashland, Oregon to live my dream. After being discovered there I went to San Francisco, California and, in 2001, I opened Heartful Art Gallery across the Golden Gate Bridge in beautiful Sausalito. In 2008 I moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida where I now live, create, and sell my Heartful Art online, at the local farmers market, and in gift shops and bookstores around the US.

In my art, I offer you …
♥ color to heal and bless you,
♥ words to assist you in knowing your innate self-worth,
♥ motivations to assist you in staying focused on your goals,
♥ inspiration to uplift you to even greater heights and deeper understanding, and
♥ the words to say what’s in your heart to people you love.

Enjoy! And thank you for being here. Have fun shopping for Heartful Art on Etsy!!!”


ParadaCreations at Etsy

“INSPIRATIONAL ART PRINTS / POSTERS ~ Motivational quotes, kids art, and nursery prints that bring a burst of color and positive element to any room. My art prints have been featured in several places including the new craft magazine, “Mollie Makes” out of the U.K. Be sure to check it out!

You can follow me on facebook and my blog to get access to promotions and to find out more about my creative endeavors and newest creations!


Kind Over Matter

From the AMAZING Kind Over Matter blog: “Hi! I am super-excited to put this kit out into the universe! I get emails all the time asking me how I make my printables, what programs I use, where I get my resources & so on… there is no quick & easy way to explain it so I thought I’d put this kit together to answer all of your questions!

I love the joy that my printables have brought to so many over the years, in the creating, printing, sharing & giving. That is the main reason I started & continue to create them (there are fringe benefits that I’ve learned though… which I share in the eBook! See below!)

I want more people to be able create & spread joy through them, so this is my offering to the universe: To spread kindness, love & joy by design & I’m gonna teach you a super-easy way to do it!”

One thought on “Shop for Peace

  1. I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying pocket coins and stones with me everywhere I go, and leaving them in random places…

    Along the sidewalk…
    In the parking meters and vending machines…
    By people’s cars, front steps….

    I also have other random ‘peaceful gifts’…

    Origami cranes…
    Inspirational Books…

    It might be for someone I know or come across, who deserves some recognition and a nudge towards inner or outer peace…

    Or it might be left for the world at large, for the person who comes across it and needs it at that moment in their life…

    Either way… a step in the direction of peace…


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