Local Wishlists

*UPDATED Houston area lists for HARVEY*

Thinking about promoting peace in your community?

While many of us would love to promote peace by volunteering our time, sometimes we do not know where to start.

I find it best to first figure out what I’m interested in (animals, homeless, education, environment…) and then how I’ll be able to contribute (financially, serving, or with a skill like tutoring, organizing, or creating a website…)

Then I go to trusted data banks of organizations. My top 3 are: The United Way, GuideStar, and Charity Navigator.

The United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. They only partner up with credible organizations and make it easy to find something that fits your skill set and interest.

For those of us who are not able to do all we’d like, most local charities and nonprofits have ways to easily contribute financially online, while many others also have posted wishlists.

I have listed several well-established, Galveston/Houston organizations that are always in need of good volunteers. If are are not from this area, you can use the following list to help you contribute to your own local community:

To check an organization’s legitimacy, and find out history, tax info, and the breakdown of their organization structure- you can go to either Charity Navigator or GuideStar.

Both Charity Navigator and GuideStar are excellent resources for determining how much of your contribution actually goes towards helping others, versus CEO paychecks.

Remember that whatever you choose to do will be helpful!


Organizations in the Galveston area


Jesse Tree:

The Jesse Tree is a faith-based, non-profit organization that connects people with the health care, social services and ministerial resources they need to rebuild their lives and uplift their spirits.

  • Cold weather supplies:
    • Blankets, hats, gloves, warm socks, coats and jackets, gently used clothing, shoes, jackets, coats and sweaters; new underwear, socks and tee shirts.
  • Men’s, Women’s and Children’s – all sizes
  • Commercial clothes racks and dressers
  • Non-perishable foods:
    • Canned goods, soups, meats, fish, pasta, sauces, spices, condiments and dressings; oils, etc. Healthy snack foods; nuts, granola, fruit roll-ups, dried fruits, canned fruits, applesauce, cookies, crackers, cereals,
  • Fresh foods:
    • Milk, cheese, frozen foods, bread, rolls, tortillas, juices (all kinds), coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, sweetener, coco mix, hot cider mix,
  • Paper products:
    • Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, feminine hygiene products, paper cups, paper plates, paper bowls, plastic-ware (spoons, forks, knives),
  • Household goods:
    • Beds, dressers, bookcases, chairs, tables, lamps, sheets, blankets, pillowcases,
  • Office supplies:
    • Copy paper, manila folders, pens/pencils, staples, paper clips, tape, binders, labels,
  • Office equipment:
    • Computers, laptops, printers. (We are asking that you do not donate computers, laptops or printers unless they are relatively new and in excellent condition.)
  • Two copiers in excellent condition.
  • Filing cabinets.
  • Gently used durable medical equipment:
    • Wheelchairs, hospital beds, canes, commodes, crutches, shower stools, scooters, sliding boards, bedside tables, etc.
  • Medical supplies:
    • Adult diapers, bed pads, nutrition supplements, bandages, ostomy supplies, diabetes supplies, syringes, glucometers and test strips, etc.


Galveston Island Humane Society:

The Galveston Island Humane Society (formerly The Animal Shelter and Adoption Center) was formed in April 1981. Since that time we have been able to hire staff and institute programs including humane education, spay/neuter assistance and prevention of animal cruelty. The greatest service the GIHS provides for the community is simple; a humane shelter for lost and unwanted animals.

The Shelter depends on its generous supporters for items needed for daily operations. The following are items that the Shelter can never get enough of:

  • Dry dog/puppy food
  • Puppy Formula-bottles
  • Dog/puppy collars
  • Grooming supplies
  • Dog toys
  • Small rugs
  • Dry cat/kitten food
  • Kitten formula-bottles
  • Lots of cat litter (non-clumping)
  • Toilet lid covers to use for cat beds
  • Cat toys
  • Bleach
  • Laundry and liquid dish soap
  • Towels, all sizes
  • Paper towels
  • Office Supplies, multi-purpose printer paper, sticky notes, index cards, etc.
  • Digital cameras, memory cards, batteries


Resource & Crisis Center of Galveston County:

The mission of the Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County is to promote the safety, well-being, and best interest of victims of family violence, sexual assault, and child abuse and to advocate for the prevention of such crimes.

*Please be advised there is a MAJOR need for the items below at this point in time 3/13/12*

  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Paper plates
  • Disposable cups
  • Plastic silverware
  • Toilet Paper (Industrial dispensing rolls and regular)
  • Hand soap
  • Laundry detergent- HE (High Efficiency)
  • Household cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Air Freshners
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Brooms and mops
  • Aluminum foil
  • Saran wrap
  • Ziploc bags of all sizes
  • Food labels
  • Food handling gloves
  • Trashbags- 13 gallon kitchen size
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Lysol wipes

Ongoing List

  • Master gardener
  • Gardening tools
  • Outdoor shed
  • Desktop computer
  • 28 durable mattress covers for twin beds
  • 30 plastic containers to fit under a bed


Galveston County Food Bank:

Gleanings From The Harvest is a vital and necessary food procurement and distribution network that provides nourishing food to those who most need it. By maximizing relationships with major food distributors and producers, Gleanings effectively distributes nutritious food not only to the truly destitute but to many families in Galveston County who are considered to be the “working poor.”

Solving the problem of hunger in Galveston County is not just a matter of getting more food to the needy. It’s a matter of getting more food to the organizations that serve the needy.

The solution is the Galveston County Food Bank, an interfaith community-based organization established solely to receive surplus food from restaurants, grocery stores, institutions that prepare meals, corporations that manufacture food products, food brokers and shippers.

  • Food:
    •     Canned goods of all types
    •     Fresh Meat, Fish and Poultry
    •     Snack pack food items(do not require cooking and are easy to open)
    •     Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
    •     Bread and Pastries
    •     Dairy Products
    •     Frozen Food items
    •     Pasta, Rice, Beans
    •     Fruit Juice and Drink items
    •     Baby Food and Juice
    •     Nutritional/Special Needs Food Items
  •  Personal Hygiene and Household:
    •     Ensure
    •     Depends
    •     Diapers
    •     Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner
    •     Detergent, Bleach and Softeners
    •     Household Cleaning items
    •     Paper Goods
  •  Warehouse:
    •     Conveyer system, roller type
    •     Forklifts
    •     Fans
    •     Walk-in or forklift accessible Freezer units
    •     Walk-in or forklift accessible Refrigeration units
    •     Refrigeration or Freezer Units
  •  Office / Warehouse Supplies:
    •     Mop and bucket
    •     Broom(s) shop push and kitchen
    •     Dust pan
    •     Toilet paper
    •     Paper towels
    •     Cleaning, shop and dust cloths
    •     Soap, detergent, hand, dishwashing
    •     Stamps
    •     Paper, stationary, envelopes
    •     Printing, i.e. Brochures, etc.
    •     Pallets
    •     Bags, plastic wrap
    •     Coffee, sweet-n-low, sugar, creamer
    •     Bottled Water
  •  Vehicle:
    •     Cargo Van New (or like new)
    •     Refrigerated / Freezer “Class B” Commercial Truck
  •  Insurance:
    •     Liability
    •     Auto
    •     Product
    •     Health
  •  Utilities:
    •     Electricity
    •     Water
    •     Garbage
    •     Phone service
    •     Internet DSL
    •     Newspaper
  •  Computer:
    •     Inventory program
    •     Accounting program
  •  Signage:
    •     Building signs
    •     Truck signs


Ronald McDonald House of Galveston:

The Ronald McDonald House of Galveston is a “home away from home” for the families of children who are seeking medical treatment at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Shriners Hospital for Children and Transitional Learning Center.

The House is more than a place to stay; as an alternative to an isolated hotel room, the families and children enjoy cheerful surroundings and the support of other families, volunteers and staff.

  • For The Families
    •     Groups to play bingo
    •     Clothing(children & adults-new/slightly used)
    •     New underwear for both children and adults
    •     Calling cards (national and international)
  • For Our House
    •     Bath rugs 20×32
    •     Brooms
    •     Aluminum foil
    •     Dishcloths and dishtowels
    •     Light bulbs
    •     Mops
    •     Plastic wrap
    •     Pot Holders
    •     Trash bags small and large
    •     Zip lock bags (quart and gallon)
  • Food Items
    •     Butter or margarine
    •     Canned fruit
    •     Canned meats
    •     Canned juices
    •     Cheese
    •     Cilantro
    •     Fresh fruit
    •     Flour
    •     Hot Sauce
    •     Jalapenos
    •     Jelly or jam
    •     Jell-O or fruit cups
    •     Ketchup
    •     Macaroni and cheese
    •     Mayonnaise
    •     Onions
    •     Potatoes
    •     Refried pinto beans
    •     Rice
    •     Saltine crackers
    •     Serrano Peppers
    •     Soups (chicken noodle and vegetable)
    •     Sugar
    •     Tomatoes (fresh)
    •     Tuna fish
    •     Microwave popcorn
  • Cleaning Supplies
    •     409 Kitchen Orange cleaner
    •     Powder free Disposable gloves
    •     Furniture polish
    •     Glass cleaner
    •     Powder laundry detergent
    •     Liquid comet
    •     Lysol disinfectant
  • Small Appliances
    •     4+ slice toasters
    •     Blenders
    •     Under cabinet can openers
    •     Clock Radios
    •     Coffee Pots
    •     Hand Vacuum Cleaners
    •     Vacuum Cleaners
  • Paper Products
    •     Facial tissue
    •     Paper towels
    •     Toilet tissue
    •     Plastic forks & spoons
    •     Paper plates, bowls & cups
  • Office Supplies
    •     Batteries
    •     Manila envelopes 9×12
    •     Copy Paper
    •     Colored copy paper
    •     Scotch tape
    •     Staples
    •     Paper clips
    •     Dell toner for printer model 1700
    •     Dell color and black ink for printer model 922


Sunshine Center Inc.:

To enhance independence, as well as community responsibility and to foster self-esteem and dignity among individuals with development disabilities

  • For the Greenhouse & Vegetable Garden:            
    • 2 New Compost Bins
    • 6” plastic pots
    • Potting & garden soil


    • Large outdoor fans
    • Yellow sticky traps
    • Patio benches/swing


    • Veggie/Herb seeds or plants
    • Garden tools/ watering hoses
    • Fountain (w/installation)

    For the Ceramics Room:

    • Slip for ceramics
    • Blunger (reclaimer)
    • Lazy susans
    • Cleaning bowls
    • Duncan glazes
    • Brushes & sponges
    • Aprons/ smocks
    • Plastic jars
    • 2” masking tape
    • Steel wool (fine)
    • Sand paper (fine, med & rough)
    • Rags/towels

    For the Classrooms:

    • Window Shade Blinds
    • Soap making  kits
    • Computer software
    • Pedometers
    • Epsom salt
    • Computer headsets/speakers
    • Paints (fabric/acrylic)
    • Markers & crayons
    • Colored pencils
    • Design cut scissors
    • Construction paper
    • Glue sticks


    • Candle kits/ glycerin
    • Jewelry making kits
    • Scrap booking supplies
    • Modge podge
    • Single hole punchers
    • Karaoke CD’s
    • Kitchen pots & pans
    • Craft kits
    • Copper etching kits
    • Table coverings/tarps
    • WII Fit games & yoga mats
    • USB Flash drives


    For our Scout Troop (Boys & Girls)

    • Scout Hats
    • Scout polo/t-shirts
    • Uniform shorts

    For the Office:                                

    • Large Laminator
    • Laminating sheets
    • Copy paper
    • Staples & pens
    • Brochure/flyer paper


    • Envelopes & stamps
    • Newspaper, magazine subscriptions
    • Paperclips/binderclips
    • 3-hole punch
    • Ink cartridges ( HP 95, 98, HP P1006  &  HP Laserjet 35A)
    • Post- it notes
    • Camera memory cards
    • USB flash drives


    General Supplies               

    • Hand soaps/ sanitizers
    • Toilet paper & kleenex
    • Paper towels/plates
    • Vending machine


    • 8 & 40 gal trash liners
    • Bottled water
    • plastic utensils
    • Popcorn machine


    • Cleaning supplies (HE laundry detergent, 409, dish soap & sponges, vinegar, mops)
    • coffee supplies & 8-10oz cups


    For Buddy (our 12year old therapeutic pet)

    • Dog food (Beneful Healthy Weight)
    • Fish Oil & Glucosomine pills


    • Oatmeal Shampoo
    • Dog Treats


    *Gift Cards (to Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot, Staples, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kroger’s. Randall’s, HEB, Petsmart, Petco, Itunes, Local Gas Stations, Local Restaurants)

    & Tickets (to Local Events, Movies & Attractions) for client activities are always helpful and welcomed.

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