Thankful Thursday: Your tears

Your tears…

Tears of joy. Tears of heartbreak.

Tears show you are not apathetic. You are human.

Your tears represent the best and worst times you’ve had.

Be grateful for the emotions your tears brought forth.


Thankful Thursday: Your local veterans

Take some time out of your week to genuinely thank a veteran for their service.

Thankful Thursday: Being Outdoors

Being outdoors in the fall weather.

Fresh, crisp air, sunshine, and beautiful flame-colored leaves — what’s not to like? 

Thankful Thursday: Your lunch break

Thank heavens for that little break in your work day!

Make the most of your lunch break by taking a break away from your desk or work space to eat lunch. It will help improve your mood, give you more energy, and increase your productivity.

Thankful Thursday: Caring Nurses

Whether it’s the school nurse, looking out for your kids; the hospice nurse, taking care of your elders; or the overworked ER nurse that takes the time to calm your nerves in the middle of the night- nurses are like guardian angels in scrubs!