Original P.O.P. Articles

Archive of original Prospect of Peace articles written by Paloma de la Paz.

Finding Strength and Happiness in the Wake of Harvey (and Life’s Other Disasters): 9.4.17

Choosing to Find Happiness in Every Moment: 9.4.17

Honoring and Celebrating our Imperfect Life Paths this Summer Solstice: 6.20.17

A ‘Spirited’ Stance on Peace & Love: 2.18.17

Women’s March for Peace & Justice: 1.22.17

Promoting Peace in Your Community by Giving Back: 7.6.16

What is Peace? :6.20.16

A Smile: The 1st Step for Reaching Out to the Rest of Humanity: 7.19.13

‘The Rise of the Phoenix’ or ‘A Time to Choose Renewal: The Summer Solstice’: 6.15.13

Believing in Inner Peace: 6.9.12

Awareness and a Belated Expression of Gratitude: 5.27.12

Namaste or Deciding to Play the Optimistic ‘Fool’: 4.1.12

Spring Renewal: 3.1.12

All You Need is Love: 2.6.12

New Beginnings: 1.13.12