Peace Movement Monday- What can you do to be a part of the peace movement?

Get to know your neighbors.

Discriminatory Bans on Refugees is Inhumane 

We must not allow history to keep repeating itself!

“We all know that the Frank children were murdered by the Nazis, but what is less known is the way Anne’s fate was sealed by a callous fear of refugees, among the world’s most desperate people.”

President Trump, this is inhumane and illegal!

“After a shameful history, Congress outlawed discrimination against immigrants based on national origin in 1965. That means President Donald J. Trump’s actions are illegal,” David Bier, an immigration policy analyst, writes in The New York Times Opinion Section.”

Thankful Thursday: Your tears.

Your tears…

Tears of joy. Tears of heartbreak.

Tears show you are not apathetic. You are human.

Your tears represent the best and worst times you’ve had.

Be grateful for the emotions your tears brought forth.


Wednesday Words of Wisdom


“If you don’t speak out now when it matters, when would it matter for you to speak out?” -Jim Hightower, American Activist