Wednesday Words of Wisdom

“Offering love to those who share our paths is the most important contribution any of us can make today. It was always our most important contribution, even though we generally thought our careers or homemaking roles were more important. Isn’t it interesting that so few of us ever really understood what our real purpose was?

Some of us might wonder even now what’s so important about passing on love. It’s not that hard, is it? But honest reflection reveals how difficult loving others can actually be. To love unconditionally means we don’t leave some people out and love only those who are easy to love. Passing on love means compassion and offering undivided attention to all the people accompanying us on our journey today. It means giving everybody the benefit of the doubt if we aren’t in agreement with them. It means being willing to let others have their own opinions without trying to change them or judge them.

Loving others is more complex than many of us imagined. The good aspect of this is that we can stay busy learning to love for the rest of our lives. We’ll never be done making this contribution to society.

That’s pretty exciting.”

-Karen Casey, from Peace a Day at a Time

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